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We offer full or half day adventures to fish the shallow waters of the Florida Keys from Key Biscayne to Key West. If this type of fishing sounds like something that you would like to try, or you have already been bitten by the tarpon or bonefish bug and have the fever like we have… read on.

Licensed Captain and Guide Rick Carl

I’m Rick Carl, a professional salt water fisherman and US Coast Guard licensed fishing guide fishing out of Islamorada in the Florida Keys.

I specialize in sight-fishing for large tarpon, bonefish, permit and redfish with flyfishing gear and other light tackle. My 16 foot Maverick Mirage is capable of getting us to all the fishing destinations in comfort. This is truly exciting fishing! Image the possibilities when you find yourself standing on the casting platform with a nine foot flyrod suitable for salmon, retrieving a four inch streamer fly with short twitches, hoping to fool a giant tarpon that’s leading a pod of a dozen more. It’s truly awesome!

Sight fishing for bonefish, permit and redfish is challenging and exciting too. Most bonefish, permit and redfish caught in the Florida Keys are hooked on light tackle on shallow flats “sight fishing”. Usually, the fish are first detected by seeing them “tail”. Bonefish, permit and redfish spend a lot of their time rooting for crustaceans buried in the soft, muddy bottom of Florida Bay in less than two feet of water. So when they tip over to grab a buried crab or shrimp their tails come out of the water. Once you get the hang of it it is fairly easy to spot tails of feeding fish from a hundred yards or more.

Bonefish and permit also push a recognizable wake when traveling and feeding just below the surface. With a little practice this “nervous water” is another signpost to finding and catching bonefish, permit and redfish. Getting a tailing fish to bite a fly or a jig is a challenge. It takes teamwork, stealth, accuracy and an understanding of fish behavior.

Having grown up in Florida I have been chasing and catching these great fish all my life. I’ll be glad to share my expertise with you if you so desire. Saltwater fishing shows on saturday mornings have tweaked many fresh water angler’s interest in salty flats fishing. Why not give it a try. You can catch big fish successfully if you practice with good equipment and have the right guide. Guiding an experienced angler is always fun but I enjoy helping newcomers to this great fishing experience. I’m very low key and especially good at teaching inexperienced anglers how to fish successfully with all types of tackle in salt water. Flats fishing is very different from fresh water angling. This is where your guide pays off. I’ll be glad to provide all the tackle you’ll need. I have an extensive collection of top of the line fly tackle you can use. If you would rather use your own I can help with line types, leaders and flies that you ‘ll need. I can’t overemphasize the benefit to you from practicing your casting between trips. I know of one angler for instance who has won every major flyfishing tournament in the Keys and when not on the water he can be found in his back yard polishing his already incredible casting skills. Fishing is always more enjoyable when your fly lands where you want it to!



Any of certain marine fish of the family Megalopidae (order Elopiformes), related to the bonefish and the ladyfish and identified by the elongated last dorsal fin ray and the bony throat plate between the sides of the protruding lower jaw. The scales are large, thick, and silvery.




The blue and silver great pompano (T. goodei), or Permit, is found off Florida and the West Indies. Permit have impressive teeth, the better to eat crustaceans and crabs with. They are silvery, reflective and downright hard to spot much less catch.




Bonefish, (Albula vulpes), is a marine game fish of the family Albulidae (order Elopiformes). It inhabits shallow coastal and island waters in tropical seas and is admired by anglers for its speed and strength. 


Fishing with kids

Fishing is fun for the whole family and can be a formative experience for youngsters. It gets kids outside and interested in nature. We love fishing with kids because they are curious and will listen when you explain to them how things work.


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